To support our commitment to a job well done, at Gerry Formosa's Roofing & Maintenance we use only high quality materials and accessories from renowned brand names. These include Bluescope Steel, Lysaght, Colorbond and Blue Mountain Mesh Gutter protection systems. In addition we handle quality skylights from leading brands such as SolarBright, Skydome, Regent and more.

Roofing & Wall cladding

Do you have a problem with your roof? Are you thinking of replacing it? Or would you like to protect and enhance the exterior of your home with some strong and beautiful Colorbond wall cladding that requires no painting? We are glad to help.We use the following products from Bluescope and Colorbond:

  • Roofing
  • Rainwater goods
  • Wall cladding

Guttering & Fascia

Do you have problems with rusted guttering or have a gutter in a bad state of repair? We are experts when it comes to repairing and replacing damaged guttering and fascia. We provide all profiles, sizes and colours of guttering and fascia to suit your needs. Downpipes made from PVC or Colorbond are supplied and fitted as well.

Gutter Mesh

Do you have a problem with leaves or other debris building up in your gutters and causing them to overflow when it rains? Or wildlife and vermin entering your roof? These situations often lead to expensive maintenance problems. Installing Gutter Mesh is an inexpensive way to keep your gutters free from debris and wildlife. Clogged gutters can be a fire hazard, especially in bushfire prone areas. They can also trap water, causing damage to roofs, ceilings and guttering. We supply and install Blue Mountain Mesh, which is a high quality product, offering suitable protection from vermin, leaves and the elements.


Do you have any dark or dim areas in your home or workplace? We have the answer! Fill your home or workplace with beautiful soft, natural light. An environmentally friendly source of light, skylights are an energy efficient way to brighten the darker areas of your property. We will ensure the skylight you choose is positioned correctly for optimal performance.


Do you have a problem with heat and condensation building up and remaining trapped in your home or workplace? Roof ventilation helps prevent moisture build-up in the ceiling during winter and minimises the amount of heat entering the home during summer. A correctly designed and positioned ventilation system aids in maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the home or workplace. We install passive, wind-driven, solar-powered and 240v powered ventilation systems.


Would you like to create a comfortable temperature in your home or workplace all year round? Insulation acts as a temperature barrier within your home, keeping in the warmth during winter and keeping the heat out in summer. We can install the following types of insulation:

  • Air Cell
  • Fibreglass
  • Natural fibre
  • Synthetic fibre


To provide value for money we work with products from acclaimed brands including:



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